Garage Liability Insurance

  What is Garage Liability insurnace?

A Garage Liability policy can vary slightly from a General Liability policy. Like a general liability insurance policy it will cover; the premises, operations, and the products. A Garage policy will also cover you when you test drive a vehicle, so it provides some auto liability as well. This policy wont cover vehicles owned by the business or customers vehicles for collision or theft.

Do you need to have garage liability insurance?

A Garage liability policy is purchased by someone who owns a auto repair shop or a car dealership. An insurance agent will either write your insurance as a garage liability policy or they will write it as a general liability policy and include hired & non owned auto insurance, which will cover the test driving of vehicles.

How do you cover the vehicles in your possession for collision or theft?

Typically you will buy a garage keepers policy or a dealers open lot policy. A garage keepers policy will insure the unowned vehicles in your posession for theft or damage. A dealers open lot policy will insure vehicles owned by a dealership for theft or damage.

With an Optional Umbrella Policy, we can increase the garage liability limits as well as the Workers Compensation and the Auto Insurance limits. Most Small Businesses are covered under a "BOP" or Business Owners policy. When you have a BOP there are many additional coverage's that could be included. You can read about some of these on the Property Insurance page.

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